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Awarded to a news strand or news programme that demonstrate a commitment to mental health reporting across the year.

Winner: Channel 4 News

Over the last year Channel 4 News has broadcast a range of films which reveal and reflect on different aspects of mental health. They include stories on the impact of being the child of a person with mental health problems to being the child of a father in prison.

Shortlisted entries

5 News Tonight

5 News / ITN, Channel 5

In the last year 5 News Tonight has covered a broad range of mental health topics. Top stories include the worrying figures around student mental health, the connection between poor mental health and support for missing people, male suicide, postpartum psychosis and an analysis of how Brexit is impacting on the nation's mental health.

ITV News Central

ITV News Central puts personal experience at the heart of every mental health story - the six-year-old body image vlogger; the farmer overwhelmed with pressure and isolation; the barber who set up a salon where men could talk and the gay man who had electric shock treatment to "cure" him.

ITV West Country

ITV News

After multiple student deaths at Bristol University, ITV West Country ran a special on mental health in young people and ways to help. A three-part feature was broadcast on the effect of fitness tracking apps and calorie counters on our wellbeing, and work was done with veterans experiencing post-traumatic stress disorder to normalise asking for help and push local mental health initiatives across the West Country.

Panorama: Kids in Crisis


Britain is in the grip of a child mental health crisis, with nearly half a million children either waiting for treatment or receiving it. In this episode of Panorama, Sean Fletcher, whose own teenage son has been hospitalised with obsessive-compulsive disorder, investigates the Child and Adolescent Mental Health Service (CAHMS). He explores whether care is being rationed in some areas, leaving children to deteriorate until they are hospitalised.

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