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Digital Champion

Awarded to a blogger, vlogger, Tweeter, Instagrammer, YouTuber, Tumblrite and any individual online creator originating in the UK, who embrace digital media to raise awareness about mental health or to support the mental health community.

Winner: Rosie Cappuccino

Talking About BPD

Talking About BPD is a blog and associated social media accounts where Rosie shares the details of her life living with borderline personality disorder (BPD).

Personality disorders are amongst the most misunderstood mental health problems and people with this condition are often unfairly perceived as manipulative, attention seeking and incapable of being helped. Talking About BPD aims to improve understanding and acts as a refuge for people with the condition who need someone to relate to.

Shortlisted entries

Louise Atkinson

Beyond the Black Dog

In her blog 'Beyond the Black Dog' Louise explores the aftermath of a suicide. When a loved one takes their own life, what does life look like for those left behind? Louise reflects on her life after the death of her big brother Ian and seeks to make sense of his mental health problems. She also explores the impact of his death on her own mental health and how she can find meaning in life after losing her brother.

Pete Eliot

Instrumental Health

Instrumental Health is a documentary series that explores mental health connections with music, poetry, nature, work and children and young people. It aims to normalise the conversation around mental health by making the links between activities and interests in everyday life and mental health. The series also hopes to encourage people to consider other ways of achieving positive mental wellbeing and learn something new about what it's like living with a mental health problem.

Dr Emma Hepburn

The Psychology Mum

The Psychology Mum is a clinical psychologist who aims to get evidence-based psychology and mental health information out of the clinic room to a wider audience in an accessible and engaging way. Through the use of illustration, including the character Brian the brain, The Psychology Mum conveys complex information in a simple to understand and meaningful way, that people can remember and draw on in everyday life.

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