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Media volunteers are extremely important to our work. Journalists from a huge variety of media are frequently looking to interview people with particular experiences of mental health problems. Being able to include a 'human interest' element can make or break a story in the media, bring an issue to life, and allow the audience to empathise with issues around mental health.

What's involved?

Our media volunteers are ordinary members of the public with lived experiences of mental health from all sorts of backgrounds. As a media volunteer, you might be on TV news speaking about employment, being interviewed for a weekend newspaper feature about experiences of depression, or featuring in a glossy magazine talking about how exercise can boost mental wellbeing. In some cases you can be interviewed anonymously, and we would never send your details to a journalist without permission – we take confidentiality very seriously. If you did agree to an interview, we’d support you both before and after the event.

Want to get involved?

At the moment, we can only work with you if your experiences match with our opportunities listed below. If you have experience of these areas, please get in touch [email protected]

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Current media opportunities

Pause Box Subscribers

Pause is a monthly wellbeing subscription service from Mind. If you have ever purchased, used, gifted or been gifted a Pause Box, we want to hear from you. We are particularly keen to hear from people who's mental health or wellbeing has been positively impacted by Pause. If you are an employer who has bought the box for your employees, please also get in touch. 

Black, Asian and Minority Ethnic (BAME) groups*

The disproportionate mental health challenges people from ethnic minority communities face, and are facing further because of the pandemic and presence of racism in society, needs to be addressed. Mind would like to do better and do more to support and represent people from Black, Asian and Minority Ethnic groups.

We are looking to improve the way we share experiences and represent people in our media work, and make sure that we genuinely speak up and stand up for communities that have been historically under-represented in our work. To ensure better diversity and representation, we need your help and would be grateful if you could share your experiences with us. If you identify as being part of a Black, Asian or Minority Ethnic group, we would love to speak to you.

Due to the nature of some of our existing projects, we are particularly keen to hear from:

  • Young Black Men (18-30)

  • People of any age who identify as being from an East Asian ethnic background or identify as being from a mixed background with partly East Asian heritage. By East Asian, we mean people who either identify or partly identify as being: Chinese, Taiwanese, Japanese, Mongolian, Korean etc.

*Mind recognises that there are distinct and unique identities and challenges facing different communities referred to as ‘BAME’, which can be obscured when people are grouped together as ‘BAME groups’. We are always open to being challenged and are committed to doing better when it comes to understanding and addressing matters of discrimination and privilege.

Mental Health Act

The Mental Health Act sets out when people with a mental health problem can be detained and treated in hospital against their will. It was written in 1983 and needs updating. An independent review of the Act has just been published, with the potential to make a huge difference to the way people in mental health crisis are treated in hospital. If you've been detained under the Mental Health Act, we need your stories to help us demonstrate the importance of change. We are particularly interested in hearing from black men aged 18-30.


We’d like to speak to anyone who is living in Wales who:

  • Has had difficulty accessing talking therapies, in English or Welsh.

  • Lives in a rural area (in Wales) and has experience of accessing (or trying to access) mental health services.

  • Has stayed in hospital in the last two years as a result of a mental health crisis.

Help make Mind’s media work representative

Mind’s Media Team work closely with people with mental health problems, helping them share their experiences, for example in newspapers and online, TV and radio. We are committed to working with a diverse range of media volunteers, but have historically underserved Black and Asian communities. We would like to do better and do more to support and represent Black, Asian and Mixed Race people.

Our online focus groups will give you the opportunity to use your lived experience to influence change. It will help us to better understand why and how we have underserved these groups, and what we can do to better engage with people from these backgrounds, to ensure we are representing the reality of mental health and all of us affected.

We are hosting two online focus groups on Monday 26 April; one for Black people (including Mixed Race people) and one for Asian people (including Mixed Race people). If you identify as being Mixed Black and Asian you are welcome to apply for both groups, provided that you are able to share different thoughts in each group. Please let us know how you would contribute to both, on the application form.

In the group you will be invited to share your opinion of the UK Media and Mind’s work. Each focus group session will last approximately 1 hour 30 minutes.

If you’d like to take part, please visit our website for more details and apply by 10am Wednesday 21 April 2021. The form should take just a few minutes.

You will receive a £25 payment for your time, skills and expertise.

If you would prefer to contribute to the project in another way, please fill in our survey.

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