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ASICS partnership

We’ve worked in partnership with ASICS since 2021 to raise awareness of the benefits of getting active to improve our wellbeing. This has included ASICS supporting Mind through a range of campaigns and helping to raise vital funds for our life-changing work.

The partnership has achieved great success so far and played a key role in supporting our physical activity programmes.

ASICS Get Active running groups

ASICS funded 11 local Minds to establish beginners running groups. The running groups have engaged 161 people across England and Wales. ASICS donated a pair of running shoes to each participant, enabling local Minds to target inactive people living in poverty.

The programmes followed an adapted Couch to 5K model, building up from walking to 30 minutes of running. Many people continue to run or engage in other forms of exercise, such as tennis, football, Zumba and aquafit.

The running groups helped people to understand the positive effect physical activity could have on their mental health.  Some described these groups as “life-saving.” Not only did running have physical benefits, but it had many mental benefits:

"It has helped me massively with my mental health. When I got my certificate, I got home and cried so much. I was so proud of myself for doing something and finishing it. I think it taught me that, even in everyday life, it’s all about putting one foot in front of the other.”

Mental Health in Elite Sport Report

Back in 2014, Mind researched the mental health support available for our elite athletes, as well as the challenges that faced them. A lot has changed since then.

Thanks to funding from ASICS, in 2022 we re-commissioned this research to create a report looking at what has changed.

Today, attitudes have moved on and sports organisations are doing more to help. Athletes are speaking out, sports offer a wide range of professional mental health support. There's also mental health training for staff. Our report, Mental Health in Elite Sport, shows some of the great work sports have been doing. But there’s still more to do.

Read the full report


From January to March 2021, ASICS challenged people to get active at sunrise. They donated to Mind for every picture shared with the hashtag #SunriseMind. The campaign raised a fantastic £100,000. This helped fund our research into mental health in elite sport and other resources to get people moving for their wellbeing.

More about #SunriseMind

15:09 Uplift Challenge

In 2022, ASICS published research which found that just 15 minutes and 9 seconds of exercise can have a positive impact on mental wellbeing.

Throughout June, ASICS encouraged people to move however they like (walking, running, taking part in sports) for 15:09 mins. They then asked them to take a photo or video of themselves and share on social media using #ASICS1509.

For every image or video posted using #ASICS1509, ASICS donated £5 to Mind . The funds raised will enable Mind to deliver Get Active programmes with local Minds across England and Wales.

More about 15:09 Uplift Challenge

Supporting Research into Movement for the Mind

ASICS are committed to supporting research to further understand the relationship between movement and mental health.

Movement for Mind was developed with one of the world's leading mental health researchers. ASICS devised an 8-week programme of just two 30-minute sessions, twice a week to measurably improve how we feel.

Walking or running, it all works.

Movement of Mind research

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