How can exercise benefit your mental health?

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Exercise strengthens the body but rests the mind - Rohan.

Studies have shown that people who are more physically active have more positive emotions and higher levels of self-esteem, and that regular aerobic exercise increases positive moods. Physical activity can enable people with severe mental health problems, such as schizophrenia and bi-polar disorder, to enjoy a better quality of life, by providing a sense of purpose and control.

Why do Mind members exercise?

Even when I’m at my lowest, I know if I can get out of the house for a walk or run it will
make me feel better. I’d recommend it to anyone – it’s not about staying slim, it’s about staying sane! - Lydia

Sometimes you just want space in your mind. What’s truly wonderful about Yoga is that I am able to bring myself back to a rational, calm state. - Nicky

The buzz of competing in events, challenging my fears and working through  self-defeating thoughts and behaviours has made exercise very valuable to my mental health. - Karen

Advice for getting active

• Start off with a goal in mind and break it down into small, manageable chunks.

• Write down the positive aspects of what you’re doing – like feeling more healthy or
gaining confidence. Read through the list if you’re struggling for motivation.

• Eat healthily. Food with plenty of vitamins and minerals makes you feel better about yourself and gives you more energy.

• Remember that cheap options are available. Going for a walk costs nothing, and many local Minds offer subsidised ways to get involved in physical activity.

• Enjoy yourself – focus on your achievements and the way your mind and body are changing.

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