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Mind's Workplace Wellbeing Index is designed to celebrate the good work employers are doing to promote and support positive mental health, and to provide key recommendations on the specific areas where there is room to improve. It will help you find out where you are doing well and where you could improve your approach to mental health in the workplace.

Participating in the Index is a learning process and a long term commitment to a better way of working – not only for individuals, but for the success and productivity of your organisation as a whole.

Putting mental health front and centre of your agenda will benefit your bottom line, but most importantly, it’s the right thing to do for your employees.

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Mental health at work - why it matters

We all have mental health, just as we all have physical health. It is part of everyday life, in the same way that work is part of everyday life for many of us.

Every employer depends on having healthy and productive employees – valued and supported staff are far more likely to achieve peak performance.

If you want to attract and retain committed employees, mental health needs to be core business in your organisation.

“Participating in the Mind Workplace Wellbeing Index has proved to be significant in contributing to our strategy to protect, maintain and enhance the overall physical, social and mental wellbeing of our employees. It has provided a fantastic framework for Jaguar Land Rover to engage with our teams on mental health, as well as understanding opportunities for improvement in our approach to mental health in the workplace. It has been a 'galvanising' element in the onward enhancement of our Mental Health Strategy with Jaguar Land Rover.”

Matt Taylor, Senior Manager, Jaguar Land Rover

Recognising employers

Each year we celebrate the achievements of our Index participants at the Workplace Wellbeing Index Awards.

At the awards we reveal the organisations who have ranked in Gold, Silver or Bronze, and award two Wellbeing Champions who make an outstanding difference to mental wellbeing in their workplace.

Find out more about the 2016/17 Index awards.

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