We're Mind Cymru, Wales's leading mental health charity


We work hard to manage and deliver Mind’s work to make sure everyone experiencing a mental health problem in Wales gets support and respect.

Since 1973 we have established ourselves as an influential commentator and partner in the development of mental health and community care policy in Wales, working closely with the Welsh Government, National Assembly for Wales and other voluntary and statutory agencies.

Our national training programme also helps ensure anyone affected by mental health problems in Wales get the support needed and respect deserved in our communities and at work.

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Our Values

  • We aspire to transform the understanding of mental health and wellbeing, and attitudes towards those of us who experience mental health problems in Wales
  • The direct life learning of people who experience mental health problems informs and influences everything we do, both locally and nationally
  • Our work is based on recognising the actual and potential abilities of those of us who experience mental health problems and the contribution made to society
  • We are committed to ensuring the involvement of people with direct experience of mental health problems is central to our work.

Pwyllgor Cymru

Pwyllgor Cymru, our governance committee, is a vibrant group spearheading Mind Cymru through innovative governance.

Meeting four times a year for business meetings and once a year for development, the group consists of eight members representing Mind's networks in Wales.

With another four co-opted places, Pwyllgor Cymru is a force to be reckoned with.


Local Minds in Wales

Although we don't provide direct mental health services, the local Mind network in Wales does and helps those experiencing all forms of mental distress.

Mind Cymru does however support the local Mind network with their day-to-day running including issues of funding, quality standards and good practice.

Equality and Inclusion

We recognise and honour that everyone experiences distress and problems at some point in their lives.

Some of us find it hard to cope, or even survive, day-to-day. For those of us living in poverty and facing oppression and discrimination the risk of experiencing mental health problems is greatly increased.

For many of us our distress can lead to being misunderstood, labelled, sterotyped, discriminated against, impoverished, and excluded. This exclusion within our own communities can have an enormous effect on how we see ourselves. This exclusion also means our communities are denied the benefits of our talents, experiences and expertise.

We believe access to positive life opportunities and experiences is central to us effectively responding to distress and achieving potential. This is why we are committed to promoting opportunities for inclusion for anyone with a mental health problem. This is alongside our commitment to promoting equality, celebrating diversity, and challenging poverty and oppression.

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