Styleguide FOR


We used brand colours to ensure a consistent and recognisable experience for people across all of our platforms, marketing, and products. Across the site it's important that we use colours in a consistent way. For example, all the main call to action buttons and headings are Mind blue.

Primary palette

Our core colours are blue and white. These are the colours we’re best known for. So blue and white should be your default colour combination.

Mind blue and white are used consistently as background colours, with the blue also used for primary information markers.

Mind Blue




Secondary palette

Purple and yellow are used in our brand to add warmth and personality. Used carefully, they add variation while maintaining brand consistency and help make certain information stand out. On our site, purple is often used to indicate donation-related information, with yellow primarily used for certain call to action buttons, and also as a highlight colour.

The Mind blue tint included here is used consistently as both a background colour, and as the colour for call to action buttons on a standard Mind blue background.

Mind Purple


Mind Yellow


Mind Blue 20%


Tertiary palette

These colours are mainly shades and tones of the primary and secondary palettes, with additional neutral colours. These are used to compliment the main brand colours while maintaining consistency.