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When you experience a mental health problem, early access to the right type of psychological therapy - like Cognitive Behavioural Therapy or counselling - can make a huge difference to your recovery and prevent the problem getting worse. However, you told us you don't always get access to the right therapy at the right time which can have a hugely negative impact on your mental health and your life.

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What we found

Our 2014 survey of 2,000 people who have tried to access talking therapies within the last two years found:

  • One third of people had to ask for therapy, rather than being offered
  • Half had waited more than three months for an assessment, with 1 in 10 waiting more than a year for assessment
  • Only 15 per cent were offered the full choice of NICE (National Institute for Health and Care Excellence) approved therapies
  • 56 per cent were offered no choice of therapy
  • 45 per cent didn’t get the different types of therapy explained to them
  • Half said they didn’t get enough sessions to help them to recover
  • If the therapy offered didn’t work, 37 per cent were not offered anything else

While waiting for therapy:

  • 67 per cent of people became more mentally unwell
  • 40 per cent harmed themselves
  • and 1 in 6 attempted to take their own life.

What we want

We are calling on the next Government to invest in psychological therapies, so that the NHS in England can offer a full range of evidence-based psychological therapies to all who need them within 28 days of requesting a referral.


Commissioning talking therapies to meet need

The We Need to Talk coalition has produced a briefing for commissioners to highlight the benefits of talking therapies and considerations to make when commissioning a service. 


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