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Grab your trainers, make a splash or get into the groove! Find the right activity and you might be surprised at where it’ll take you.

Do you want to up your activity levels but don't know where to start?

Our new Get Set to Go website features motivational stories and practical ideas to help you get started with physical activity.

It's part of our Get Set to Go programme supported by Sport England and the National Lottery.

  • Join the conversation online using the #GetSetToGo tag
  • Share a selfie on Twitter or Instagram
  • We'd love to know what works for you and what hold you back
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Can you help our researchers?

If you use mental health services you may be able to help our reserchers.

We're working with the University of Northampton to find out how Get Set to Go compares to other services for people with mental health problems.

To take part all you need to do is complete three online questionnaires over the next 12 to 18 months.

Get involved!

Join a Get Set to Go group

If you want to be more active but find it difficult because of your mental health problem, Get Set to Go can help you get started.

Joining one of our groups can help you beat your barriers and build your confidence so you can gain all the mental and physical benefits of being active. They're FREE of charge! 

  • Available now in eight areas
  • Get tips and ideas for getting more active in your area
  • Get tailored one-to-one support from our Get Set to Go team
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Starting something new can be hard and getting active is no exception. If you've recently started exercising joining Elefriends can help you stay on track.

Elefreinds is a safe and supportive online space where you can be yourself and link up with others who are just starting out.

  • Elefriends support each other when the going gets tough and celebrate together when they're doing well.
  • Between us we know more than we think
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Supporting professional sport

In recent years a number of sports men and women have spoken openly about their mental health.

The sport sector has also recognised the need to challenge stigma and start positive conversations about mental health from grassroots through to elite levels.

We’re supporting the sector to put mental health on the agenda through a number of initiatives, including:      

  • the Mental Health Charter for Sport and Recreation
  • mental health awareness training for people working in sport and recreation
  • the Sport and Mental Health Advisory Network
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Physical activity and sport information pages

If you want to find out how to increase your physical activity levels our new information guide may answer your questions.

It covers how beign active is important for our mental health and explores which sports or exercise may be best for you.

  • Why being active matters
  • The health benefits of physical activity
  • Which activity may be best for you
  • Overcoming barriers
  • Considering risks and staying safe
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Why being active is important

It’s well known that regular exercise is good for our bodies – and there’s good evidence that being active improves our mental wellbeing.

But we know that having a mental health problem can reduce our desire to be physically active and some of us can turn to less healthy ways of coping when we're struggling. This can have a serious impact on our mental and physical health.

But having a mental health problem should never be barrier to being active or enjoying sport, which is why we've developed Get Set to Go.

Latest news:

  • May 2016: We're pleased to support Sport England's new 5-year strategy to tackle inactivity.
  • April 2016: We're backing England Athletics Mental Health Ambassadors initiative to help those of us with mental health problems take up running.   
  • April 2016: Women with mental health problems are not exercising because of bad experiences with PE at school – putting them at greater risk of poor physical, and mental health. Read our news story.
  • March 2016: To mark the first anniversary of the Mental Health Charter for Sport and Recreation we're sharing survey findings on how being active can impact on our mental health. 
  • August 2015: Have you seen our new Elefriends animation about getting active? See if you can spot who did the voice over! 
  • July 2015: 70% of people told us that they feel their mental health makes it too difficult to take part in sport. Find out what people with mental health problems think about sport and exercise from our recent survey findings.

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