Styleguide FOR

Approving the content

This guidance is for content approvers. It's designed to make sure our approach to approving content is consistent and to remind them what to check, so nothing gets forgotten. 

Checking and approving all our content keeps the organisation, our people and our users safe.

Follow the link in the notification email, or log in to Umbraco and navigate to the page you need to approve.

Open up a preview of the page in a separate tab, so you can see how it will look at all screen sizes once published.

Use this list to guide your checks and direct content producers to the relevant section of the website style guide and the how-to guide if you find things that aren't as they should be.

What to check

Content tab


  • If there's a banner image, is it high resolution, appropriately cropped and not squashed or stretched?
  • Is there a description below the title in the banner? If so, does it use paragraph style, in bold?


  • Is the layout in line with conventions for the content type? 
  • Are there any empty paragraphs?
  • Is text broken up with images, videos and/or calls to action?
  • Is the footer appropriate for the page type? Does it have related content, other ways to get involved, social sharing if applicable?

Headings and styles

  • Is the page title an h1?
  • Are headings nested, so that h3s are under h2s, etc?
  • Is body text all styled as body text?
  • Are quotes styled as quotes (not as body text)?
  • Do buttons all have the right styles?


  • Have you checked thoroughly for issues of house style, such as capitalisation?
  • Are there any spelling mistakes, grammar errors or typos?
  • Is everything written in plain English?
  • Are there any unnecessarily long sentences?


  • Do all hyperlinks work (and go to the right place)?
  • If the links were taken out, would the content still flow? Are all links descriptive (and not "click here" links, for example)?
  • Do links to PDFs and Word Docs open in a new window?
  • For events, is the right sign up form linked to in the sidebar?


  • Do images have a clear focus point?
  • Is the resolution high enough?
  • Have any of the images been awkwardly cropped?
  • Do they have descriptive alt text?

Tags tab

  • Are there no more than four tags?
  • Are all the tags relevant to the content?

News, Story or Event tab

  • Have all the necessary fields been completed?
  • For events, is the event code correct? This needs to be checked in the CRM by a member of the digital development team.

Social tab

  • Is there a Twitter message that is no more than 240 characters (when you include the link)?
  • Are any hashtags relevant, specific, and in camel case (e.g. #VirtualCrafternoon, not #virtualcrafternoon)?
  • Is there a Facebook description that introduces the content?
  • Has a social image been added?

Cross-promotion tab (events, news and stories)

  • Is there a relevant image that will work as a thumbnail?
  • Is there a short, descriptive summary introducing the content?

If you think the page can be published

  1. If the substance, structure and style of the page is up to scratch, click on "approve content".
  2. Add a comment letting the content producer know their content has passed the checks and click "submit".
  3. The content producer who submitted the content will receive an email notification from [email protected] telling them their content has been approved and the content will be published on the live site.

If changes need to be made

  1. If there are issues with the substance, structure or style of the page, click on "reject".
  2. Add a comment explaining why the content cannot be published and what needs to be fixed, then click "submit".
  3. If the explanation requires rich text formatting, such as bullet points, to make it understandable, you'll need to send an email to the content producer from [email protected] Send the email and then add a comment in the workflow letting them know that you have done so and quoting the date and time of the email. Then click "submit".