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Why your organisation should take part

As part of our 2016-2021 strategy, 'Building on Change', we want to support a million people to have good mental health at work and we want employers to know how to create mentally healthy workplaces for their employees.

Taking part in our Index will enable your organisation to:

  • gain public recognition of your organisation's commitment to workplace wellbeing
  • learn where you benchmark in comparison to peers and other organisations participating in the Index
  • share and access best practice learning from other employers participating in the Index
  • be part of our movement for change in workplace mental health and a trailblazer in your sector
  • find out what your employees really feel about how you support their mental health

How will the Index work?

The Index will robustly assess where the gaps lie between an organisation's approach to workplace wellbeing and staff perceptions, and recognise the employers who are best supporting the mental health of their staff.

Depending on your participation level, we can offer detailed analysis to enable you to increase employee wellbeing and deliver business benefits.

The participation process

Step 1: Sign up

  • Gain senior-buy in within your organisation to sign up.
  • Decide which level of participation to opt for.
  • Register online at and we'll be in touch.

Step 2: Prepare to take part

  • You will receive your welcome pack including marketing materials and hints and tips to engage your staff.
  • Prepare your internal communications approach to ensure maximum survey response rate.
  • Start collecting evidence for the employer survey - we will provide resources to help you prepare.

Step 3: Take part in the assessment

  • Take part in employer and staff surveys.
  • Surveys launch in September and close in December each year.

Step 4: Receive your results

  • Survey results and analysis delivered in early Spring.
  • Review recommendations and make plan for implementation.

Step 5: Celebrate the index

  • Index ranking will be published and the awards event will take place in early Spring.

To take part in the index, email [email protected] or register online:

"We are very pleased to be taking part in Mind's Workplace Wellbeing Index this year to hear what our employees really feel about how we support their mental health and to review our organisational approach and practices. Receiving expert recommendations and being benchmarked with other organisations taking part in the Index is hugely valuable for us and will help shape how we further support staff wellbeing in the future."

Andy Croxford, Deputy Director, Environment Agency

Other ways to get involved

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