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Workplace Wellbeing Awards 2021/22

We are delighted to celebrate the achievements of our Workplace Wellbeing Index participants. These awards recognise not only the top performing organisations, but every employer taking action to prioritise better mental health in their workplace.


Each year we celebrate the achievements of our Index participants at our Workplace Wellbeing Awards.

Overcoming challenges

This year we hosted the awards online again, with most of the ceremony being live-streamed to attendees. We were delighted to welcome representatives from 119 organisations who came together to celebrate their achievements in workplace wellbeing. 

In the last couple of years, the coronavirus pandemic has presented many challenges and caused permanent changes to our working lives. We were delighted to recognise not only the top performing organisations but every employer prioritising better mental health at work. Find out more about the achievements of the organisations that took part this year below. 

We have already helped over 4 million people to have better mental health at work. Be part of our movement for change by participating in next year's Workplace Wellbeing Index – a long-term commitment to a better way of working.

The awards

The Gold award is given to employers who have successfully embedded mental health into their policies and practices. They are organisations who demonstrate a long-term and in-depth commitment to staff mental health.

See the Gold employers

The Silver award is given to employers who have made demonstrable achievements in promoting staff mental health. They are organisations who have demonstrated progress and impact to staff mental health over time.

See the Silver employers

The Bronze award is given to employers who have started their journey to better mental health at work. They are organisations who have developed and implemented initiatives that promote positive mental health for staff.

See the Bronze employers

Committed to Action

We also want to acknowledge the efforts of those organisations who have received Committed to Action. They are organisations who have committed to addressing mental health in the workplace and are at the start of their journey. 

See the Committed to Action employers

Employee Recognition Awards

Our employee recognition awards honour four outstanding individuals who play a key role in promoting positive mental health in their workplace.

Senior Leader Award

Awarded to a senior level staff member who has made a significant impact championing the cause of mental health. 

Winner: Karen Campbell-White, Deputy Director, Office of National Statistics

For having the drive and excellence of leadership in the workplace. Striving for inclusion, going above and beyond to create a safe space for colleagues to share their personal experiences, Karen’s achievements did not go unnoticed.

Special commendation: Peter McCurry, Human Resources Director, Network Rail 

Line Manager Award

Awarded to a manager who has had a positive impact supporting the mental health of an individual or team they manage.

Winner: Richard Davies, Job title, BAM Nuttall

For going above and beyond in supporting staff who experience poor mental health. Including taking time to visit them in hospital and supporting them to come back to work and researching their mental health needs. An unsung hero.  

Special commendations: Ann McCormack, Head of Business Performance, British Council 

Wellbeing Lead Award

Awarded to an employee who has had a positive impact in the course of their duties safeguarding mental health and wellbeing. 

Winner: Natalie Dinnick, Wellbeing Lead, Companies House

For being so open and honest about their own experiences, and using this to connect with staff members who may be struggling. For offering care and empathy to everyone who needs them, and organising for mental health training across the organisation. 

Special commendation: Callum Kennelly, Partnerships Manager, Incubeta

Wellbeing Champion Award

Awarded to an employee that goes above and beyond to tackle stigma in their workplace. 

Highly commended: Gwen McLeod, Senior Equality, Diversion and Inclusion Consultant, British Council  

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