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Workplace Wellbeing Index Awards 2018/19

We are delighted to celebrate the achievements of our Index participants at our Workplace Wellbeing Awards, recognising not only the top performing organisations but each and every employer who is taking action to prioritise better mental health in their workplace.

The employers taking part have each made a long-term commitment to a better way of working where supporting the mental health their staff is part of everyday business.

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This year's awards took place on 30 April 2019 in London.

At the event we revealed the 105 organisations who have ranked in Gold, Silver or Bronze. In addition we celebrated four outstanding individuals nominated by their colleagues for our employee recognition awards.

Watch our highlights video to hear from the employers who took part.

The Awards

Our Gold award is given to employers who have successfully embedded mental health into their policies and practices, demonstrating a long-term and in-depth commitment to staff mental health.

See the gold employers

The Silver award is given to employers who have made demonstrable achievements in promoting staff mental health, demonstrating progress and impact over time.

See the silver employers

The Bronze award is given to employers who have started their journey to better mental health at work by developing and implementing initiatives that promote positive mental health for staff.

See the bronze employers

Employee recognition awards

Our employee recognition awards honour four outstanding individuals who play a key role in promoting positive mental health in their workplace.

Wellbeing Champion Award

Awarded to an employee that goes above and beyond to tackle stigma in their workplace.


Karen Cooke and Edmund Walsh from Hargreaves Lansdown

For being instrumental in changing the culture and stigma surrounding mental health, changing and developing policies and helping all levels of the organisation understand what this means.

Line Manager Award

Awarded to a manager who has had a positive impact supporting the mental health of an individual or team they manage.


Gary Hage from Nationwide Building Society

For listening in just the right way, never asking too much, but always providing a caring ear. And for bringing their consideration for employee wellbeing to the forefront of everything.

Wellbeing Lead Award

Awarded to an employee who has had a positive impact in the course of their duties safeguarding mental health and wellbeing.


Roxanne Thorpe from Mount Anvil

For improving attitudes towards mental health, increasing employee awareness and knowledge, making changes to policies and procedures, running training and campaigns, presentations and events.

Read Roxanne's blog about how she supports the mental health of her colleagues

Senior Leader Award

Awarded to a senior level staff member who has made a significant impact championing the cause of mental health.


Lara Pechard from Norwich School

For championing mental health, paving the way for a higher level of open discussion and awareness of personal and difficult periods experienced by pupils and colleagues.

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