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Mental health and how to support someone

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Course outline

Aim: This interactive course gives delegates a chance to explore what non-specialists can do to help make people in distress feel safe, supported and understood.

Who's it for? This course is for anyone who works/lives alongside someone who experiences a mental health problem or distress and wants to better support them.

What's covered?

  • How to use basic listening skills to build rapport, promote trust and encourage openness
  • Skills to help someone manage their anxiety and low mood
  • The importance of promoting wellbeing and good health
  • Talking with someone about the pros and cons of psychiatric medication
  • How to briefly assess risk (and what your options are when someone poses a risk to themselves or others)
  • How to respond sensitively and effectively in a crisis
  • How to help support someone experiencing the extreme highs and lows associated with bipolar
  • How to interact confidently and sensitively with someone experiencing psychosis including unusual beliefs and intense fear (paranoia)

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