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Update on Covid-19 and working with us.

We are aware that for many organisations COVID-19 (coronavirus) is creating a lot of uncertainty and this may be having an impact on your business and your employees in a number of ways. We understand that any kind of uncertainty can have an impact on people's wellbeing – as such, Mind has created guidance for anyone who is worried about the impact of COVID-19 (coronavirus) and the steps that can be taken to help people cope. Please feel free to share this information with your staff, along with official government guidance.

We appreciate that in particular there may be concerns about face-to-face training sessions and people travelling. If you are a smaller workplace (less than 250 employees) did you know that you can access our free eLearning for small workplaces by registering here. If your organisation has more than 250 employees and you are interested in our eLearning courses, please visit our website or contact us via our web form for more information.

If you decide to proceed with booking in-house face-to-face training with us, please note that although it is our policy to apply cancellation fees because our trainers need to book travel and, in some cases, accommodation ahead of time, during this period of uncertainty, wherever possible we will endeavour to accommodate any postponement or cancellation requests that fall within 10 working days without applying cancellation fees.

Training and consultancy

Poor mental health is now the number one reason for staff absence. Mental health training from Mind offers a cost-effective way to promote mental wellbeing in your organisation and at home.

Training for your staff - we'll come to you

Need training for your staff?

You suggest when and where, and we will come to you.

We charge VAT on our training and eLearning. We price our services according to sectors and size of organisation, and we offer preferential rates for statutory bodies and charities.

All you need is:

  • A suitable venue to accommodate the session
  • A laptop and projector
  • A flip chart with pens / white board

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Our eLearning

Raise awareness and equip managers

Our eLearning offers will support anyone wanting to increase their understanding of mental health and wellbeing at work.

Our current eLearning offers include:

  • Mental health awareness at work (raises awareness for all)
  • Positive mental health in the workplace (designed for managers)
  • Mental health for small workplaces (designed for SMEs)

All three courses include topics such as:

  • The impact of stigma
  • Workplace wellbeing and tips for self-care
  • Understanding triggers
  • Building resilience
  • Tips for supporting others

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Available courses

Below is a summary of our courses available for in house training grouped by audience. To make an enquiry or request a booking please complete the online form via the link above.

Best for Organisations

Aimed at companies and organisations; these topics are best suited to line managers, HR teams and the general workforce.

Often delivered in combination as each complements the other providing a broad overview of mental health and promoting mental wellbeing in the workplace for both staff and customer/client alike.

  • Managing mental health at work
  • Mental health awareness
  • Customer support and mental health
  • Emotional intelligence and resilience

Courses for companies and organisations


Best for Statutories, Schools and individuals

Aimed at statutory bodies, educational institutions and individuals; these topics are best suited to care givers, social workers, educators and anyone wanting greater awareness of their own and others' mental health.

  • Mental health awareness
  • Mental health and how to support someone
  • Students and mental health
  • Emotional intelligence and resilience

Courses for Statutories, Schools and individuals

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