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Workplace wellbeing and coronavirus: reflections from Mind staff

After a year of disruptions, we're looking back at how workplaces and employers have coped with some of the challenges of the coronavirus pandemic, and how it has impacted on staff wellbeing, as well as reflecting on what the future of work might look like. We spoke to some of our own staff here at Mind to get their thoughts on how we adapted as a charity and what you can do to continue to look after your staff.

We'll be sharing new resources and blogs to help you look after your own mental health, and the mental health of your colleagues and staff. Remember, we're here to support you.

Communicating with our staff

Laura Pickering, our Internal Communications Manager, shares some of the challenges she's faced and her tips for others in similar roles.

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Supporting our staff's wellbeing

Our Organisational Development Officer, Katy Ridsdill-Smith, tells us about her role and offers advice for staff working in workplace wellbeing.

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The roadmap for workplace wellbeing

Our Head of Workplace Wellbeing, Emma Mamo talks about the impact of the pandemic on staff wellbeing and how you can continue to support your staff.

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Where to find more support

We have a range of information and advice to help you manage your mental health at work and support others’ on our coronavirus and workplace hub. We will also be sharing new resources and blogs here as we reach one year since the first lockdown.

You can also find more resources on the Mental Health at Work website.

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