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Coping as a key worker during coronavirus – Michael’s story

We understand that if you’re leaving your house to go into work during coronavirus, you may find it hard to take care of your mental health and wellbeing. You might need support from your employer to help you to manage your mental health at work.

Michael, a Collections Driver for Royal Mail, talks to us about the challenges of being a key worker during the pandemic and how his employer is helping him to manage his mental health condition.

Hear Michael’s story

During the video Michael says that it’s important to speak to someone who you find approachable about your mental health. 

He says he finds it really useful to talk to his manager about how his anxiety can affect his work, so that they can better understand the signs and symptoms that might indicate that he needs some extra support.

Michael adds that speaking to his manager for five minutes about how he is feeling can sometimes be enough to help him feel understood and supported, and better manage his mental health at work.

Our support

If you’re a key worker and have to leave your house to go into work during the coronavirus, we have top tips to help you take care of your mental health and wellbeing.

If you’re an employee looking for support with managing your mental health, or if you’re a manager or employer looking for guidance on supporting employees, please visit the Mental Health at Work website for free toolkits, tips, information and more.

A full length interview with Michael, as part of Mental Health at Work’s Commitment webinar series, can be found on YouTube

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