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Dealing with stressful current events

Hearing about distressing things going on in the news can be difficult to deal with. If you're struggling, here are 4 things that might help.

1. Limit the time you spend looking at the news

Watching or reading the news can be a helpful way to stay informed, but it can also increase our anxiety and fear. You might come across speculation on potential fallout and how it might affect the UK and the rest of the world.


Only looking at the news for a limited time, and do something relaxing after.

Make sure you:

Stick to reliable, trusted news sources that don't engage in what-ifs.

2. Keep an eye on how much you're using social media

When a new story develops, it can be tempting to go straight onto social media to see what everyone else is saying. But that might also leave you feeling anxious. Especially if people are sharing things you're trying to avoid or posting feelings and opinions that leave you feeling more concerned.


Taking a break or limiting how much you use social media.

Make sure you:

Regularly ask yourself - "Is this helping me? Am I doom-scrolling?".

3. Talk to someone

It can be a huge relief to talk to someone you trust about how you're feeling and say your worries out loud. It may be that having someone that listens to you and shows they care is helpful in itself.


Asking "Do you have time to chat? I could do with some space to vent about...".


Make sure to

Respect the boundaries of whoever you're talking to if they say no. If you can't open up to someone close to you, the Samaritans are available 24/7 on 116 123.

4. Help out when you can

Activism can be a great way to counter feelings of helplessness. When you're feeling distressed about something specific, doing something proactive could help.


Supporting a charity or campaign that matters to you. 

Make sure you:

Write to your MP to ask them what action they're taking.

More about anxiety

Sometimes, stories in the news are about things that are unfamiliar and confusing to us. The possible aftermath of some current events could bring about anxiety, too.

Anxiety is a natural human response. We experience it when we feel we're under some sort of threat. Feeling anxious is completely valid, and it doesn't always mean you have a mental health problem. But even so, anxiety can be a hard thing to sit through.

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