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Mind responds to the need for additional mental health support for NHS staff as a result of the pandemic

Sunday, 21 February 2021 Mind

NHS England announced that 40 dedicated support hubs will open across the country to protect and promote the mental health of NHS staff working during this devastating pandemic.

Paul Farmer, Chief Executive of Mind says:

"We know how tough it’s been for so many frontline NHS staff over the last twelve months, and it’s important they are able to access help and support for their mental health whenever they need it.

"Even before the pandemic many healthcare staff told us they were struggling with the toll things like long and unsociable working hours and excessive workload were taking on their mental health. The outbreak of coronavirus has caused staff unprecedented challenges; including having to make even more difficult life and death decisions, dealing with bereavement, risking their own health and that of their loved ones every day in order to help protect others and save lives.

“These hubs are an important step forward when it comes to recognising and tackling poor mental health within the NHS. In April last year, Mind, Samaritans, Shout 85258 and Hospice UK, with support from The Royal Foundation launched Our Frontline - providing round the clock 1-2-1 support for all key workers for the first time. To date, the Our Frontline website has been accessed 180,000 times, with many text support conversations taking place via Shout 85258.

“The unique and additional pressures of the pandemic have highlighted the urgent need for a systematic approach to mental health support in line with the recommendations of the Thriving at Work Review, which the Government accepted on behalf of the NHS in 2017. In the next few months, each part of the NHS should set out a clear plan to improve the mental health of their staff, with Board level leadership, support for people who may be struggling, and clear pathways to clinical care if needed

"Every member of NHS staff should know what help and support is available to them as part of the recognition of the unique twelve months they have experienced.”

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