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Mind responds to the Liberal Democrat manifesto

Wednesday, 20 November 2019 Mind

The Liberal Democrats have published their general election manifesto. The manifesto includes promises on mental health including to:

  • Invest £11 billion in mental health over the next Parliament to expand access to therapies and increase the number of psychiatrists and specialist mental health practitioners.

  • Implement all the recommendations of the independent review of the Mental Health Act, including bringing forward the necessary investment to modernise and improve inpatient settings and ambulances.

  • Ensure that all children and young people with a diagnosable condition receive NHS treatment and ensure there is a specific individual responsible for mental health in schools.


Vicki Nash, Head of Policy and Campaigns at Mind, the mental health charity, said:

“Mental health is one of the biggest domestic issues facing our nation, and the next UK government. We deserve a better deal for mental health: it must be at the heart of all political agendas. We’re pleased that the Liberal Democrats’ manifesto includes commitments to treat mental health with the same urgency as physical health, reform the Mental Health Act and address the urgent need to invest in the mental health estate and workforce.

“Since 2017, Brexit has dominated UK politics. For the one in four of us with a mental health problem, it’s sometimes felt as if our lives have been put on pause. Promises have been broken, and warm words have not always translated to the action we desperately need to make sure everyone with a mental health problem is treated with dignity and respect.

“It’s time to press play on mental health. That’s why Mind is asking all parties to commit to our six key priorities. We need to see commitment to providing the right NHS care in the right place, at the right time, ending decades of underfunding and neglect to services. We also need to promised overhaul to the Mental Health Act at to be actioned urgently, strengthening the rights, dignity and wellbeing of people who are extremely vulnerable.

“And it’s not just mental health services that need attention. Too many people are trapped in poverty because of problems with our welfare system or a lack of protections in the workplace. We need a system that treats people on benefits with respect – the fear of being sanctioned only makes people more unwell.”

“We look forward to hearing what the other parties have to say about mental health in their manifestos. We all need to see real change in the next UK government and beyond.”

Read Mind's manifesto and find out how you can get involved in making sure the next government presses play on mental health.

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