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Mind responds to social media reaction to our post regarding death of Chris Kaba

Wednesday, 14 September 2022 Mind

Paul Farmer, Chief Executive of Mind says:

“It's important that we talk about difficult issues and, as a charity committed to anti-racism, we understand that sometimes people won't always agree.

"The post Mind shared yesterday was intended to support anyone affected by the news of Chris Kaba’s death. Supporting one group does not exclude another. We are here for everyone. We are very proud of the Blue Light programme we deliver in partnership to support our emergency services. Our support for the mental health of police officers is also unwavering.

"We understand that many police officers feel from the post that we are not there to support them, which was not our intention. Nor is it our intention to comment on an ongoing investigation nor to imply any conclusions about the circumstances of this case. We are sorry that some of our wording has given that impression.  We understand this is an extremely difficult time and are very committed to our work supporting the mental health of police officers and other emergency services personnel.

"Sometimes the focus of our communications will be on one group and sometimes on another. On this occasion, we felt it was important to focus on racial trauma which we know can be triggered by events in the news.

"Mind is here to make sure that no one faces a mental health problem alone.”


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