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Posted on 23/09/2013

MHF's latest report calls on the Government to prioritise mental health spending, Mind CEO Paul Farmer explains why we welcome it.

Paul Farmer, Chief Executive of the mental health charity Mind, said:

"We welcome this well considered and timely report from the Mental Health Foundation. Their call for greater investment in the future of mental health services is set against a backdrop of substantial changes to local NHS and social care mental health services, a remodelled benefits system, as well as a difficult job market, all of which has meant that people with mental health problems are being squeezed on all sides. Government figures show investment in mental health services has fallen for the first time in 10 years, yet demand is rising. 

It is clear that the economic and human impact of mental health problems cannot continue to go unaddressed and we join the MHF in calling the Government to prioritise investment in the future of our nation’s mental health services, starting today."

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