Mind comments on coalition Government pledge of 1.25 billion for mental health services


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Posted on 14/03/2015

The coalition Government has, today, announced £1.25 billion pounds of new funding over the next five years to support children and young people's mental health services, veterans and perinatal mental health.

Paul Farmer, Chief Executive of Mind says: "This is a landmark moment for NHS mental health services, which have been underfunded for decades and which have suffered cuts in recent years. We are pleased the coalition Government has pledged additional funding for  children and young people's mental health services, veterans and perinatal mental health.

"While this is a significant step towards treating mental health and physical health equally, chronic under-funding of mental health services means that, as it stands, 75% of people with anxiety and depression get no help at all in the UK.  Mental health budgets have been cut by 2.3% in the last three years and 1 in 6 people not getting the support they need attempt to take their own life. This is unacceptable. 

"Whoever forms our next government has a job to do in keeping up the momentum for change. The NHS mental health budget needs to be increased by at least an extra 10 per cent, in real terms, over the course of the next Parliament to truly create parity of esteem between physical and mental health. We're urging all party leaders to put their money where there mouth is so that mental health services get their fair share of funding."


With the next general election fast approaching, it's time to take action for better mental health. Visit www.mind.org.uk/election2015 for more information. 

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