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Eastenders medication storyline

Monday, 30 August 2010 Mind

Stacey decides to come off her medication for bipolar disorder this week.

Mind continues to work closely with BBC’s Eastenders on their mental health storyline. This week’s episodes see the character Stacey being persuaded by her friend to come off her medication that helps her manage her bipolar disorder. Stacey feels that she shouldn’t take such action without her doctor’s knowledge but her grief and vulnerability make her give under the weight of Becca’s demands.

Mind’s Head of Information Bridget O’Connell says:

"People can feel they want to come off their medication for all sorts of reasons. You may be experiencing unpleasant side effects or perhaps feel emotionally numb. It is possible to stop medication but, without medical or emotional support, you may have difficulties with withdrawal or the symptoms of your mental health issue may suddenly worsen and you have a relapse. The decision to quit long-term medication is an important one and it is recommended to do it with the support of your GP or healthcare professional."

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