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Conversion ‘therapy’ ban must protect trans people too - current plans are a betrayal to all trans people

Friday, 01 April 2022 Mind

Conversion ‘therapy’ ban must protect trans people too

 Last night, Mind responded to news that the UK Government planned to scrap its planned ban on conversion 'therapy'. Hours later, it was confirmed that the UK Government had changed its mind, and would be going ahead with the ban, but without previously included measures to protect trans people from these deeply harmful practices.

 In response, Paul Farmer, Chief Executive of Mind, said:

"While last night’s U-turn on the reprehensible decision to drop the conversion 'therapy’ ban is welcome, we are deeply disappointed to see that the UK Government has chosen to exclude trans people from the ban on these harmful practices. The Government’s own research suggests that trans people are much more likely to have undergone, or been offered, conversion therapy, so this exclusion simply makes no sense.

“We recognise there are complexities around this area of the ban, as it is essential that any action does not inadvertently restrict access to therapy which seeks to help people questioning their gender identity or sexual orientation, without the aim of 'converting' them. But the Government cannot simply give up on trans people because protecting them is legislatively complex. Bans that include trans people have been implemented in other countries. Trans people deserve better. We need a complete ban, without loopholes, which protects everybody.”

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