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2013 shortlist


Stacey Soloman - Depression, Teen Mums and Me (BBC Three)

Singer Stacey Solomon speaks to young mothers about their experiences of postnatal depression and shares her own story for the first time. She explores the possible symptoms of the illness, including a look at postpartum psychosis.

Ruby Wax's Mad Confessions (Channel 4)

TV personality Ruby Wax follows three people as they disclose their experiences of mental health problems for the first time to colleagues. As part of the show she also revisits the Priory where she received treatment for her own depression.

Jon Richardson: A Little Bit OCD (Channel 4)

Comedian Jon Richardson explores the spectrum of symptoms experienced by people with Obsessive Compulsive Disorder. Contributors share their stories - from a teenager's early experiences to a lady who's son tragically took his own life. Throughout the show Jon questions his own behaviour.

Stephen Fry & Kay Redfield Jamison (Sky Arts)

Stephen Fry interviews American clinical psychologist Kay Redfield about her work on bipolar disorder and her personal experience of living with the condition. The pair discuss their own coping mechanisms, the pitfalls of seeking help and issues surrounding medication.


The Village (BBC1)

As the Middleton family's eldest son returns from the WW1 front line, to their quiet Derbyshire village, the psychological impact of war becomes clear. Joe battles his own shell-shock, compounded by terrible social stigma and lack of understanding.

In the Flesh (BBC Three)

Teenager Kieren took his own life 4 years ago. Following a zombie uprising he has been medicated ready for rehabilitation into society. He faces the emotional challenges of being given a second chance at life and returning to his village.

My Mad Fat Diary (Channel 4)

Having spent a period as a patient on a psychiatric ward, Rae returns to school, her friends and life at home. Through comedy, romance and friendship, the series depicts the everyday problems faced by a teenager with experience of depression.

Homeland (Channel 4)

After Carrie's expulsion from the CIA and the dramatic events that led her to undergo electro-convulsive therapy, the former CIA officer is on the path to recovery. Her progress is threatened when she learns of a planned attack against the USA.

Ian Wilkinson News and Current Affairs Award

BBC Scotland - mental health care plan

Eleanor Bradford reports on how 'Intensive home treatment teams' in Scotland are providing a hospital on wheels and helping people with mental health problems to avoid being sectioned.

Channel 4 News: Mental Health Series (Channel 4)

Through this series, presenter Cathy Newman speaks with high profile individuals, including former HBOS chairman Lord Stevenson and Wasps rugby player Richard Birkett, to highlight the stigma surrounding mental health problems.

Newsnight: Male Suicide - Breaking the Taboo (BBC Two)

A candid look at the shocking statistics around male suicide. Tim Samuels brings together a family dealing with the effects of suicide, with men who've contemplated taking their own lives, to explore what underpins this crisis.

Newsnight: Anorexia - The Killer Disease (BBC Two)

A look at the latest research into the causes of anorexia, challenging long-running assumptions about the illness, through interviews with leading experts and those who've experienced the mental health problem.

Newsnight: Postpartum Psychosis (BBC Two)

A focus on the 1 in 500 women who experience postpartum psychosis after the birth of a child. The item emphasizes the under-reporting of this mental health issue and speaks with people affected by the illness.

Print Campaign

Caterer and Hotel Keeper: Open Minds campaign

Through first person accounts of those working in hospitality, the campaign which spans four issues, highlights the stigma apparent within the industry.

Farmers Weekly: Suicide/mental health features

This series of powerful features highlights the prevalence of suicide in the farming community, and common factors contributing to mental health problems for those in the industry.

Glamour magazine: Hey, It's OK

Following the launch of Hey, It's OK in May 2012, the magazine has published a series of articles, including features on depression at Christmas, the psychological impact of domestic violence and post natal depression.

Sunday Mirror: Fight for Mental Health

Through celebrity interviews, news stories and features, the campaign aims to stamp out the stigma that surrounds mental health problems.

The Times: Mental health and medication features

A series of investigative features examining the prescription and effects of mental health medication – with special focus on tranquilizers and their shocking side effects.


Possession, Jinn and Britain's Backstreet Exorcist (BBC Asian Network)

An exploration into how faith healers operate within the UK's South Asian communities. The programme looks at the concept of 'Jinn' and how mental health problems can be left untreated because spiritual rather than medical help is sought.

The Surgery (BBC Radio 1)

Self-harm is discussed within the advice show, with calls taken from both those who've harmed themselves and those who are unsure how to support their loved ones. Care is taken to dispel myths that self-harm is a cry for help.

Scorzayzee & the S-Word (Radio 1Xtra)

Nottingham rapper Scorzayzee talks to childhood friend, Radio 1 and 1Xtra's MistaJam, about his battle with psychosis and schizophrenia. Jam returns to the community recording studio where they first met, to talk in-depth about his illness.

Jim Hawkins in the Morning (BBC Radio Shropshire)

The daily show features, amongst other mental health stories, the presenter sharing his own experiences in reaction to Stephen Fry's suicide revelation.

World Have Your Say (BBC World Service)

From the Festival of Science in Uganda, BBC World Service explores Africa's contribution to the global science agenda. Live reports from a Ugandan Mental Health hospital examine common perceptions of mental health in Africa.

Depression in Business - the last taboo (BBC Radio 5 Live)

Tim Samuels takes on the taboo of workplace mental health, through a range of case study stories. Men candidly reveal their experiences of depression, anxiety and bipolar disorder in the corporate world, and how this impacts their careers.

Soaps and Continuing Series

Waterloo Road (BBC One)

Kacey experiences mental distress as she comes to terms with her decision to speak openly about her transgender identity.

Casualty (BBC One)

Nick Jordan meets feisty outpatient Lauren. Lauren implies she's terminally ill but Jordon discovers she has anorexia and fights for her recovery.

Hollyoaks (Channel 4)

Sixth form student Esther suffers bullying at the hands of her group of friends, which builds over months, leaving her feeling isolated and scared. Esther can no longer escape the torment and attempts to take her own life.


World's Maddest Job Interview (Channel 4)

A group of contestants compete in a mock job interview, assessing every aspect of their workplace ability. Unbeknown to the assessors, several candidates have mental heath diagnoses. The programme challenges myths around mental health at work.

Chasing The Saturdays (E! Entertainment UK)

As pop group The Saturdays take on America, Frankie Sandford battles depression and anxiety. Under pressure to perform, she opens up to band mates and starts to get the help she needs.

Fixers talk about mental health (ITV)

16-25 year-olds choose campaigns to benefit themselves, their communities and the wider worlds. The series covers those who are taking action to raise awareness about a range of mental health problems.

Mark Hanson Digital Media Award

4 Goes Mad

Mad World explores schizophrenia, OCD and bipolar disorder as part of the Channel 4 Goes Mad series. The website enables users to tour inside three very different brains, with real experiences brought to life in binaural audio.

Purple Persuasion

Charlotte writes about her experience of being a mother, partner, worker, woman and service user with bipolar disorder, including recent accounts of ATOS and the Work Capability Assessment.

The Blurt Foundation

A free online mentoring service for people with mental health problems.

The Secret Life of a Manic Depressive

A personal account of bipolar disorder, written with humour and sincerity.

It's OK Campaign

Through this blog May Gabriel shares her experience of adolescent depression, and encourages followers to speak out. Her twitter campaign has over 12,000 followers and is a constant support to many other teenagers.

Journalist sponsored by Bupa

Catrin Nye (Newsnight and BBC Asian Network)

Her work for Newsnight and BBC Asian Network was instrumental in highlighting the use of spiritual exorcisms in the UK's South Asian communities. She exposed how the use of spiritual practices can at times mean mental health disorders are left untreated.

Emma Woolf (Freelance articles)

Emma has built up a large body of work, centred on body image, disordered eating and mental health problems. Spanning broadcast, mainstream print news and magazines, her work includes a regular column for The Times titled An Apple a Day.

Rhian Waller (The Leader)

Through a four-feature series, Rhian told the stories of local people with mental health problems, focussing on the stigma they face - particularly self-stigma.

Martin Barrow (The Times)

Through a series of pieces for the Times, Martin led an in depth exploration of the issues around prescribed medication for mental heath problems.

Tim Samuels (Newsnight and Men's Hour)

Through Newsnight and his Men's Hour show on BBC Radio 5 Live, Tim continues to challenge mental health taboos across the BBC. He consistently shines a light on men's mental health, and supports other men to open up with unusual candour.

Anna Sargent Student Journalist Award

Chelsea Mae Symonds (Invisible, YouTube Film)

Her moving short films depict the inner turmoil associated with mental health problems.

Esther Rich (Huffington Post)

Through her first-hand account of battling anorexia, both shared on her own blog and on the Huffington Post, she confronts the problems raised as a student and the attached social stigmas.

Holly McCormack (Mental Matters Magazine)

Through her recovery-based magazine, Holly takes a look at mental health from personal points of view.

Joe Whiteley (University of Central Lancashire)

In a 15-minute radio documentary investigating depression among rugby league players, Joe speaks to rugby stars who discuss their own battles with depression.

Michael O'Connell-Davidson (Quench, Cardiff University Magazine)

Through his student lifestyle magazine, Michael explores a first-hand experience of depression and looks in-depth into the emotional impact of the condition.

To be presented at the ceremony

Speaking Out sponsored by Comic Relief

Presented to an individual who has experienced mental health problems, for their inspirational contribution to at least one of the shortlisted entries.

Making a Difference sponsored by Havas Worldwide London

Presented to a broadcaster or individual whose innovative and sensitive work on mental health problems has made a genuine impact. The award is for those who set the agenda and initiate change.

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