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Drama - Mind Media Awards 2016 Winner

My Mad Fat Diary, E4 (Tiger Aspect)

The third and final series of My Mad Fat Diary follows music-obsessed Rae, played by Sharon Rooney, on her turbulent journey into adulthood as she struggles with mental health issues.

"The ending was unclichéd. It was positive about finding a way to live with it (mental health problems) rather than being cured. It spoke volumes. The character of Rae is so compelling."

- Judge's comment

With thanks

Mind and the award judges would like to give special thanks to the other entrants:

Nurse, BBC Radio 4

A poignant and bittersweet comedy written and often voiced by Paul Whitehouse, Nurse follows an overstretched Community Mental Health Nurse, Liz (played by Esther Coles), as she does her daily rounds visiting the homes of her patients. Amongst the many service users Liz supports, we meet a cast of characters experiencing agoraphobia, hoarding, depression and PTSD.

Flowers, Channel 4 (Kudos)

Disconnected Maurice, played by Julian Barratt, and perpetually optimistic Deborah, played by Olivia Colman, are an unhappy but yet to divorce couple who live with their twenty-five year old twins, Amy and Donald. An ultimately uplifting look at melancholy, Flowers explores issues such as depression and suicide through the eccentric and complex Flower family.

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