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Documentary - Mind Media Awards 2016 Winner

My Baby, Psychosis and Me, BBC One (Matchlight and Sprout)

Filmed over 6 months, this intimate documentary follows two women's experiences of postpartum psychosis as they are cared for at Winchester's Mother and Baby Unit. From the bedroom to the nursery, the hospital theatre to the psychiatrist's chair, we watch the most personal moments of motherhood and mental illness play out for Jenny and Hannah.

"The access to the two women involved was incredible. They were shown at their most vulnerable but the psychiatrist was very sensitive. The scene where he is talking to her and she is manic, it showed how difficult the circumstances are."

- Judge's comment

With thanks

Mind and the award judges would like to give special thanks to the other entrants:

My Life Marvellous Messy Minds, CBBC (Nine Lives Media)

This insightful and uplifting documentary follows children Libby, Ethan and Oliver as they learn to manage their mental health to achieve simple but vital goals.

Professor Green: Suicide and Me, BBC Three (Antidote Productions)

UK rapper Professor Green, aka Stephen Manderson, takes an intensely personal journey to uncover the truth behind the suicide of his father seven years ago. Stephen explores the wider scourge of male suicide in the UK, highlighting the urgency of addressing this most pressing of problems.

Britain's Mental Health Crisis, Panorama, BBC One (Caravan)

In this revealing documentary, Panorama follows teams at one of the UK's largest frontline mental health trusts. As well as offering an insight into what it is like to live with severe mental health conditions, this documentary also highlights the commitment and compassion shown by many NHS staff.

Painting the Johnsons, Sky Arts (Riverdog Production)

This fascinating insight into mental health, motherhood and the mind of an artist tells the story of Charlotte Johnson Wahl, mother of Foreign Secretary Boris Johnson, who, as a teenager, struggled with self-destructive thoughts and to whom motherhood pushed her into serious illness. The documentary focuses on the ways in which her sensitivity and creativity are intimately bound up with her power both as a person and as a painter.

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