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Blogger - Mind Media Awards 2016 Winner

Rosey Adams, PND and Me

Rosey's blog, and subsequent Twitter meet up under #PNDchat, gives mums a platform to connect via the internet on a weekly basis to talk about perinatal mental health.

"It's described as a resource and it does what it says. It is very well done."

- Judge's comment

With thanks

Mind and the award judges would like to give special thanks to the other entrants:

Claire Eastham, We're All Mad Here

Claire been writing about her experiences with social anxiety and panic attacks since 2013. During her recovery she felt that the majority of mental health resources were either too clinical or misery memoirs and vowed that once her health improved, she would document her experiences without the use of unexplained medical jargon.

Laura Darrall, #ITAFFECTSME

Laura's blog focuses on a campaign which aims to get people talking, to start conversations about mental health and to encourage people to be brave about seeking help. She asks people to take a selfie with a post-it note on their forehead with #itaffectsme written on it, upload it on social media and then share.

Katie Simon Phillips, Born without marbles

Katie's blog is an insightful and candid look at her own mental health with diagnoses of Obsessive Compulsive Disorder, anorexia nervosa and depression.

Ruby Elliot, Rubyetc

Ruby's blog, made up mainly of illustrations, is not only hilarious, but also moving and endearing. For a young artist Ruby show's incredible maturity and insight into mental health issues, shining humour and light on often difficult and complex experiences.

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