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Awarded to a factual or docu-drama radio programme. Compilations from magazine programmes have also been considered.

Winner: The Mental Health Marathon

Radio City Talk

In January 2018, Radio City Talk hosted the world's first 24-hour mental health show to tackle the stigma of talking about mental health. A total of 73 guests shared compelling and previously unheard stories of life with depression, anxiety, PTSD and other mental health issues, with host Mick Coyle.

Shortlisted entries

Adrian Chiles Interview

BBC Radio 5 Live

Following a successful Premier League career, Clarke Carlisle battled depression and recovered from a heavily publicised suicide attempt in 2014. In a deeply emotional live interview, Clarke and his wife Carrie share the full story of what happened when he went missing last August and how he was talked out of a second suicide attempt by a member of the public.

The interview also features callers and experts, who tell their own personal stories and explore issues such as how to get access to the right therapy, and how to help those close to people with depression.

My Mind and Me

BBC Newsbeat, Radio 1 and 1Xtra

My Mind and Me was a week-long series following the lives of six young people living with mental health problems, who recorded and shared their most personal moments over a six month period. The series was part of a year-long focus on mental health on BBC Radio 1 and 1Xtra, encouraging young people to explore the issues surrounding their mental health.

Trust Me, I'm Your Barber

Orchard Media and Events, BBC Radio Wales

Mathew Pritchard, former MTV star of Dirty Sanchez, goes on a journey to find out how a bunch of barbers, The Lions Barber Collective, are smashing the stigma surrounding mental health and drastically reducing male suicide. Mathew meets Tom Chapman, the barber who started the charity, and men whose lives have been saved through the initiative.

Mental Health Matters

LBC Global Radio

Mental Health Matters covers a broad range of mental health-related topics, including discussions around masculinity among young men, the effects of gaming on mental health and an investigation into how many people still require mental health support after the Grenfell Tower tragedy.

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