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Awarded to a print or online magazine or newspaper that demonstrate commitment to reducing stigma around and/or raising awareness of mental health issues through a campaign, series of features or range of coverage across the year - excluding specialist mental health publications.

Winner: The Doctor

Disparity of Esteem is a series of investigations, features, and videos produced over a year for a BMA News campaign around mental healthcare. These pieces offer an insight into the experiences of shortfalls in care for patients and their families, but also showed how good and well-funded services benefit patients and the public purse.

Shortlisted entries

Happiful Magazine

In 2017, Memiah created Happiful – a magazine with mental health and wellbeing at its core – to challenge the stigma around mental health and signpost help and resources. Each issue continues to do this through true stories from contributors, providing actionable advice, and challenging misconceptions.

Refinery29 UK

Since launching in 2015, Refinery29 UK has made mental health and wellbeing a cornerstone of its editorial output, publishing hundreds of articles that aim to spotlight and destigmatise mental health problems. It explores many factors that can affect mental health in women's lives, including finance, motherhood and religion. In 2017 they launched Me, Myself and I – a week of self-care editorials.

HuffPost UK

HuffPost UK has long had a focus on mental health and in the last year they've reported on stress, suicide and middle age, antidepressants and loneliness. Coverage has also included children and mental health, and the popular What Works for Me series, which shares self-care strategies and discusses how to prioritise mental wellbeing.

The Guardian

Over the last year The Guardian broke a series of important stories about mental health, including a report that at least 271 mental health patients receiving NHS care had died during 201217. Through the online Healthcare Network, they also ran a series about some of the less common mental health problems, such as personality disorder, psychosis, and emotionally unstable personality disorder.

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