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Awarded to a factual podcast hosted online by a website, publication or radio station or run independently.

Winner: I Hear Voices

BBC Newsbeat

Alice, a 27-year-old married mum of two, has schizophrenia. Alice hears lots of different voices. She gives every voice a name, talks to them and sometimes, when they're not there, she misses them. In I Hear Voices, Alice's reveals the difficulties faced by those with schizophrenia and psychosis, and asks why society still demonises people with the condition, explaining how it has cost her friends, employment and even love.

Shortlisted entries

Healthy for Men Podumentary series

River Group

This podumentary explores different aspects of anxiety and its impact on those who experience it. From the world of pro wrestling, to the tribal people of Borneo, listeners discover innovative ways anxiety disorders are tackled today. In the first episode editor Tom Rowley speaks to Johnny Benjamin and ex-commando and award-winning filmmaker Bruce Parry.

Behind Bars with a Mental Illness

BBC Ouch

Ria was sent to prison 13 years ago, for committing arson. She'd been suffering from psychosis brought on by the death of a close friend. The podcast follows Ria as she works hard to get better, telling the story of her experiences in prison and her continuing road to recovery. Inspired by a true story it highlights the limited medical and emotional support available in prison.

Bryony Gordon's Mad World

Telegraph Media

In the second series of podcast Mad World, Bryony interviews Stephen Fry, revealing how crucial he feels it is for society to regard mental health problems with understanding and compassion. Bryony has also interviewed Fearne Cotton, Frank Bruno and Melissa Hemsley, among others, featuring discussions on eating disorders, panic attacks and racism.

Mentally Yours

Creators and hosts Ellen Scott and Yvette Caster both live with mental health problems. In Mentally Yours they give a voice to those who don't often get to share their stories, opening up conversations about depersonalisation disorder, the high rates of suicide among trans people, life in a mental health unit, grief, money and stress.

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