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Loose Women Lighten the Load Hero Award

The Loose Women Lighten the Load Hero award seeks to recognise people going above and beyond to support those of us with mental health problems. It's all about doing small things every day to help and support anyone who might be struggling with their mental health.

We felt that a fitting legacy for our campaign would be to acknowledge the people who are putting these small gestures into practice and so the Loose Women Lighten The Load Hero award was born.

Winner: Amy Lawrence

Nominated by Chloe Sunnucks

Chloe has Borderline Personality Disorder. It was her work manager Amy Lawrence who became Chloe's rock. Someone who was supportive - and who understood she is more than her mental health disorder. But it wasn't just her own mental health problems Chloe was dealing with. At the start of this year, she lost a family member to suicide. Amy gave Chloe the support she needed at a critical time.

This didn't happen with one grand gesture - but many small ones. If she'd had a restless night's sleep from panic attacks, Amy would tell Chloe to go home to rest before coming back to work. She'd text her after the working day was over to make sure she was OK. Or send an email during the day if she thought she looked down. Sometimes Amy would simply sit with Chloe when she needed to cry.

Above all, Amy treated Chloe as a friend, going above and beyond her role at work to make sure she's alright. Chloe says: "Everyone should have 'an Amy'."

Loose Women Lighten the Load Hero 2018

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