Court challenge to use of isolation booths for disruptive pupils


The boy who brought the challenge had been placed in isolation booths for up to 35 days in the last academic year. His mother said the impact on him had been devastating.

There is no statutory guidance on the use of isolation booths as part of a behaviour strategy. The Department of Education’s advice on Behaviour and Discipline in Schools provides some limited guidance and suggests that schools may use seclusion or isolation rooms to place disruptive pupils away from other pupils for a limited period. It recommends that children should only be prevented from leaving the room of their own free will in exceptional circumstances and should be kept in seclusion for no longer than necessary. Their time in seclusion should be spent as constructively as possible.

In January 2019, the multi-academy trust announced that they would be carrying out a review of their use of isolation booths and would consider the legal submission made on behalf of the 14 year old boy.

If any of the young people you support have had their mental health negatively impacted by isolation booths, please contact Mind legal team on [email protected].

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