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Our housing campaign

We have launched a major new housing campaign.

Back in March we wrote in this newsletter about Brick by Brick, Mind's Research and Evaluation Team's report on housing and mental health. Mind has since conducted a survey of just over 2000 people to ask of their experiences around housing. This survey found: -

  • 79% of people with mental health problems said that a housing situation has made their mental health worse or caused a mental health problem
  • 69% of respondents with a mental health problem had experienced at least one issue with the quality of their housing such as damp, mould, overcrowding or unstable tenancies
  • 43% of people with a mental health problem had experienced homelessness in the past
  • 43% of people with a mental health problem said they had experienced difficulty in understanding their rights

We have been working with local Minds, people with mental health problems and Mind members and campaigners and it is clear to us that where you live can have a huge impact on your mental health. At Mind we believe that it is not acceptable that so many people with mental health problems are living in housing circumstances that are making their mental health worse.

There are problems in both the private and social housing sectors that mean that too many people are not living in the kind of housing that they need. Mind is calling for the Government and local authorities to provide good quality homes and a housing system that is easy to understand and where people with mental health problems are not the victims of stigma and discrimination.

Our campaign page on our website has videos including the stories of how people's living situations and their mental health problems affect each other. We are also producing a legal rights guide for the website covering some of the more common housing legal issues facing people with mental health problems.

Mind's legal team is always looking for opportunities to intervene in cases that are aligned with our campaigning priorities. If you know of a case that has the potential to have a wide impact on the housing situation of people with mental health problems then do get in touch.

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