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Winter support package

We’re asking the UK Government for a Winter Support Package so those of us severely affected by mental health problems get the support we need. 

As we enter lockdown again, those of us severely affected by mental health problems are at risk as we struggle to access vital services, food and benefits to help keep us well.

From increased calls to our infoline to record numbers of people in mental health crisis, we’re dealing with a mental health emergency.

The UK Government must learn from what went wrong in the first wave of coronavirus and make sure people can access help early on, to protect people's mental health and the NHS.

We are yet to hear how the UK Government will tackle this. We need a plan to deal with the current emergency and beyond.

We're calling for a package that makes sure that people who are severely affected by mental health problems can access:

  1. Covid-safe face to face support from services
  2. beds in mental health hospitals and support when they go home
  3. free flu vaccinations and physical health checks
  4. food and other essential items
  5. financial support through a flexible benefits system

You can help make sure this happens. Sign our letter to Boris Johnson today.

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Do you need support?

Our coronavirus information hub provides advice on how to support your mental wellbeing during this period, including accessing services, going to work and mask anxiety.

Our coronavirus hub

Our five tests for government

Coronavirus will have an impact on our mental health into the future. We’ve developed a checklist for what the UK government needs to prioritise now and beyond to make sure everyone gets support.

More about our five tests

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