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Our research

Earlier this year, we surveyed people with mental health problems about their experiences in work. One of the main focuses of this survey was Statutory Sick Pay.

Here are some of the results:

  • Two in three respondents told us that receiving SSP caused them financial problems and for some people this meant going into debt.
  • More than one in four specifically mentioned that it had affected their ability to pay their bills or buy food.
  • Three in five people told us that the reduction in income caused by SSP had a negative effect on their mental health.
  • One in four stated that this slowed down their recovery.

That's why we'll be campaigning for a fairer and more flexible sick pay system. Through Statutory Sick Pay, people should be supported to focus on their health, rather than handed more hurdles to deal with.

Sign our open letter to the UK Government asking for a fair and flexible sick pay system.

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What people told us

Here are some direct quotes from those we surveyed who talked about the impact of Statutory Sick Pay (SSP) on their mental health:

"It has impacted me greatly, in fact I hit crisis in January due to stress over money and work which resulted in a suicide attempt and hospitalisation."

"[I] had to go back to work as couldn't afford not to, slowed recovery down and meant I took time off at a later date."

"I was signed off due to depression and anxiety. I was meant to take 2 weeks to recover but I couldn't as I was constantly aware that I would not be getting paid much and I'll struggle financially. It really effected me."

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