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I wouldn't have the support that I need to function and contribute to society. These services are a life saver.

- Sandy, South Molton

Support for a mental health problem isn’t just about the treatments you may receive, it’s also about the support that helps you in your day-to-day life. We call this ‘life support’.

‘Life support’ services provide help with completing forms, housing and benefits advice, handling debt and finances, reconnecting and feeling part of the community. Services that help you to live a full life and stay well.

Every day, community-based organisations up and down the country provide ‘life support’ services which help people with mental health problems. But they’re undervalued, underfunded and under threat.

We need to celebrate and promote the value of these ‘life support’ services. 

Life should be more than just 'getting by'

Postcards from somewhere

Over 2,000 of you have created online postcards of your special somewhere, and the photos and stories they contain are beautiful. Postcards from somewhere are about the local places that make you feel happier, safer, content, or reflective.

Take a look and, if you haven't already, add your own.  

They offer a glimpse into people’s lives, and the places, people and organisations that help them to keep going when times are tough, or live life to the full during happier times.

They speak lovingly about the places and people that mean the most to you. But they also highlight that life can be difficult for all of us at times. 

Briefing for councillors

We’ve produced a briefing for people who commission and deliver ‘life support’ services at the local level.

It will help them understand the day-to-day challenges facing people with mental health problems in their community; the support that people need to overcome these challenges; and the impact and costs if this support is not available.

We’ve sent the briefing to Local Authorities, Clinical Commissioning Groups, Health and Wellbeing Boards, and others who commission and deliver services at the local level. Over the coming months we’ll be working with these groups to improve ‘life support’ in communities across the country.

You can help us by sending our briefing to your local councillor to help them understand how vital 'life support' services are to people living in the communities they represent.

The support we provide might not seem critical but, for some people, getting help to fill out a complex form or advice on how to deal with a noisy neighbour can be the difference between whether or not they literally lose the will to live.

Are you struggling right now?

This campaign is all about the services people with mental health problems need in their homes and communities to stay well and live a full life. 

If you're looking for support like this at the moment, you can contact Mind's Infoline. Our team can provide information on where to get help in your local area. 

You can also contact your local Mind. Our local Minds provide community services across England and Wales and can offer further information about the support available near you.

Contact the Infoline

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