Is your CCG giving enough people access to talking therapies?


In 2016, the Government made a major commitment of £1 billion and set out a plan to improve mental health care by 2021. This plan is called the Five Year Forward View for Mental Health.

This plan has clear goals and timeframes we can use to hold the Government to account. For the first time, local health commissioners, known as Clinical Commissioning Groups (CCGs), have to publish data every three months to show whether or not they are on track to meet the new mental health commitments.

The Government has invested in talking therapies and set a target to increase access between now and 2021. But we need to make sure that funding makes a difference locally.

Check whether your CCG has met the quarterly target of 3.95% using our interactive map below.



If your CCG has met the target, they will be shaded green. If they have missed the target, they will be shaded red.

If you don't know the name of your local CCG, click here to find out using your postcode.

In 2016/17, CCGs should have provided access to talking therapies for 3.95% of those who would benefit from it during the months of October to December 2016. In June 2017, NHS England released data from their mental health dashboard showing whether CCGs had managed to do that in the last quarter of 2016 (October-December 2016). The above map shows each CCG's performance, using the data NHS England provided.

We're calling on CCGs to share their plans to increase access to talking therapies for local people. 

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