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General Election 2019

Progress on mental health has been stuck on pause for too long, putting lives at risk. That's why throughout the 2019 General Election, we campaiged for the next government to press play on mental health.

The Conservative Party achieved a significant majority. But with a new government, comes new responsibility. With only three mentions of mental health in the Conservative manifesto, compared to 41 in 2017, we need to know that the new Government is serious about supporting those of us with mental health problems.  

The asks from our manifesto remain the same. Our message still stands. It’s time press play on mental health. 

Join us in demanding the new Government presses play on mental health. Become a e-campaigner today where you can take action to help hold them to account.

Become an e-campaigner

During times of political change, it’s important to look after your own mental health. Whether that means taking a break from technology, turning off news notifications on your phone or switching off from social media, we recommend that you take the time you need. Remember if you are struggling to cope, speak to a GP about support available or contact our Infoline.

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