This page refers to our campaign for the General Election in 2017. Find out more about what we’re asking for in the 2019 General Election and how you can get involved. It’s time for leaders to press play on mental health.

  • UKIP will increase planned spending on mental health services by at least £500 million every year. This sum could fund 6,000 clinical psychologists to see 500,000 more adults and young people every year.
  • Cutting waiting times: The current target of eighteen weeks between referral and first appointment is far too long. 28 days should be the maximum. 
  • Closing the gaps between child and adult, and physical and mental care services: There should be a smooth transition between these sectors with professionals sharing best practice and having a central point of communication 
  • Getting funding to the right place: National funding earmarked for mental health services is often being diverted to other NHS services. This must stop.

Read UKIP's manifesto

UKIP Wales

  • Ensure that mental health services are given parity with physical health services and that this reflected in staffing and budget allocations.
  • Create a staffing strategy that takes into account peaks and troughs of demand, future population increases and demographic changes to ensure the NHS is not forced into paying ludicrous overtime bills to maintain basic services
  • Establish a limited number of primary care hospitals across Wales, as part of a pilot project to improve primary care. These hospitals would be GP-led, staffed by multi-disciplinary teams and take on the role of traditional smaller GP practices with the aim of improving patient care and reducing waiting times.

Read UKIP Wales' manifesto

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