Five Year Forward View for Mental Health

One billion £

For too long, those of us with mental health problems have struggled to access the quality services we need. In 2016 the Government made a major commitment of £1 billion and set out of a plan to improve mental health care by 2021. This plan is called the Five Year Forward View for Mental Health (FYFVMH).

As part of Mind’s election campaign, Mind is calling on the next Government to deliver the investment and commitments agreed in the Five Year Forward View for Mental Health and go beyond this to take us closer to putting mental health on an equal footing with physical health.

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We know that in the past, money intended to improve mental health support hasn’t always reached the frontline, and promised changes haven’t always materialised. However, the FYFVMH has clear goals and timeframes we can use to hold the Government to account. We all have a role to play in making sure the Government and NHS deliver.

The plan has been accepted by the Government, the NHS and all the national bodies that deliver services and support. But it’s up to those who design and run services in each area, including CCGs, to make it happen. That’s why every three months, they have to publish data to show whether they’re on track to meet the new mental health commitments or not.

The FYFVMH gives us an opportunity to make sure the Government and the NHS deliver real change to mental health services and support. We need to make it happen this time. Mental health is getting a huge amount of political and media attention, and now we have the plan and the data, we must hold Government and local services to account.

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Increasing access to talking therapies

One of the key recommendations of the Five Year Forward View was that local areas need to increase the number of people they provide with access to talking therapies, so that thousands more people receive therapy between now and 2021. 

But only 2 in 5 Clinical Commissioning Groups (CCGs) are meeting the new targets.

We're calling on CCGs to share their plans to increase access to talking therapies for local people. 

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Background to the Five Year Forward View

Over 20,000 people who live with a mental health problem or work in the mental health sector told us they want timely access to good quality mental health services, their mental and physical needs to be treated equally, and a bigger focus to be placed on preventing mental health problems.

They also told us that a decent place to live, a job and good quality relationships in their local communities were crucial to their ability to stay well.

Having waited a long time for a fair deal, publication of the Mental Health Taskforce's report is a landmark moment in transforming mental health care in England.

We need staff actually showing respect for patients with mental health problems and acknowledging that they are people who have a character and abilities beyond their mental illness - we are more than our problems.

The Mental Health Taskforce which produced the report was chaired by Paul Farmer, Chief Executive of Mind. It included members from partner bodies who hold critical responsibilities related to the planning and delivery of care, representatives from the voluntary sector, and professional bodies.

In order to develop their report, the Taskforce explored the variation in access to, and quality of, care and support across England. It looked at outcomes for people who are and aren’t able to access care and support, and also considered methods of prevention of mental health problems.

The Taskforce sought the views and expertise of people with personal experience of mental health problems, families, carers and professionals as well as reviewing clinical and economic evidence. People gave their views on what works well, what doesn’t and how we can tackle some of the challenges – including the stigma that too frequently prevents people going to get the help they need.

What needs to happen next?

The publication of the Five Year Forward View for Mental Health in 2016 was a landmark moment in transforming mental health care. The 58 recommendations and associated minimum investment of £1 billion by 2020/21 were accepted by the NHS and the Government in full. The key recommendations are:

  • By 2020/21, one million extra people will be provided with support for their mental health problem. 
  • Everyone facing a crisis should have access to mental health care 24/7 – right care, right time, right place. 
  • Our mental and physical health should be treated equally – including people with severe mental health problems, women in the perinatal period, children and young people. 
  • All areas of society, such as schools, workplaces and community organisations need to contribute to the promotion of good mental health and prevention of mental health problems – in all areas of our lives.
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