Year two - the 10 actions Mind planned to take

We will:

  1. support services to improve their internal communications: we will develop guidance and tools to support emergency services to better communicate with their staff and volunteers about their organisations engagement with the Blue Light Programme and the work they are undertaking
  2. provide guidance on recruiting and supporting your own mental health Champions: we will develop a toolkit to enable emergency service organisations to recruit, train and support their own mental health Champions
  3. make the line managers training course available to all services: we will redevelop the successful line managers training course based on feedback from the evaluation and make it widely available to purchase.
  4. make our webinar films more accessible: we will commit to making our webinar films on managing mental health as accessible as possible for all staff, removing as any of the barriers to viewing them as we can
  5. invest in redeveloping and testing the resilience course: we will invest in further development and testing of our resilience course, taking learning from the pilot evaluation to make sure it is having the most impact it can. We will work with the University of Oxford to evaluate the course again
  6. support organisations to better promote the Infoline to your staff: we will provide guidance and tools to support organisations to better promote the Infoline internally so that all staff and volunteers have awareness and access
  7. work together with associations to promote the Infoline: we will commit to working together with all national associations to ensure they are widely promoting the Infoline
  8. provide guidance on supporting peer supporters and share best practice: we will develop detailed guidance for emergency services to ensure that workplace Champions delivering peer support are adequately supported and will share examples of success and best practice
  9. work together with emergency services and associations to get more funding for mental health support to continue beyond 2017: our evaluation findings show that we’ve come a long way together but that real change takes time. There is still much more to be done and we need more funding so that all of our emergency services can get the support that they deserve
  10. develop ways that emergency service staff and volunteers in Wales can benefit from Mind’s specialist, independent mental health services: we are working together with other organisations to develop a strategy so that Welsh emergency services get the support that they need too.
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