Who can become a Blue Light Champion?

Anyone can experience a mental health problem. In any given year mental health problems will affect one in four of us, so it’s reasonable to assume that each one of us will know at least one person in our workplace, family, or wider social circle who has experienced a mental health problem. Blue Light Champions may or may not have their own personal experience of mental health problems or have supported someone who has personal experience of mental health problems, like a family member, friend or colleague.

The role is open to everyone and bringing together people with different perspectives and experiences is a really important way to challenge the stigma around mental health problems.

The information given on this page will help you to decide if the Blue Light Champion role is for you - our self-assessment questionnaire is available here too, to help you make your decision.

If you are motivated to positively and constructively challenge mental health stigma, we’d love you to join the growing network of Blue Light Champions.

What makes a great Blue Light Champion?

A great Blue Light Champion is:

  • Passionate about finding ways to positively and constructively challenge mental health stigma and promote wellbeing at work 
  • Motivated to improve your colleagues understanding of and attitudes towards mental health

Becoming a Blue Light Champion is a voluntary role and there are no limits on how many Blue Light Champions an organisation, department or team may have.

What could you gain from being a Blue Light Champion?

  • The satisfaction of helping improve attitudes and behaviour towards people with mental health problems in the workplace. 
  • Helping normalise conversations about mental health and dispelling misconceptions.
  • Building professional networks/contacts and sharing knowledge and experience.
  • The opportunity to develop new skills such as organising events or public speaking.
  • The chance to attend a workshop on Speaking Up about mental health.
  • A positive sense of wellbeing from being proactive and working to a joint goal.
  • Feeling empowered to challenge mental health stigma and discrimination.
  • Knowing you’re helping ensure mental health is seen as important in your service, not forgotten or hidden away.
  • Potentially being involved in changing and developing policies about how mental health issues are handled in your workplace.
  • Creating a healthier environment at work, and a more positive experience for the public you support.

Being a Champion for Time to Change and working closely with Mind has been one of the most rewarding things I have done, not only in my career but also my life. The act of being open about my own ill health has not only helped others through peer support but has also had a positive impact on my own.

Is this role for you? Take our questionnaire

You may like to find out more about the role if you:

  • Care strongly about challenging the stigma, discrimination and negative stereotypes associated with mental health problems.
  • Have time to take on some anti-stigma activity (this can be as little or much as you would like or are able to do).
  • Are willing to engage colleagues constructively and positively when taking action to challenge mental health stigma. For example, helping people understand how they can look after their mental health and wellbeing and that of their colleagues.
  • Want to spread the word about what the Blue Light Programme has to offer in your workplace

Still not sure? Take our self-assessment questionnaire

The questionnaire is designed to help you think about whether taking on the Blue Light Champion role feels right for you at this time. It is entirely for self-assessment purposes and the results won’t be seen by anyone other than you. We will not have access to the results unless you wish to discuss any element of your completed questionnaire with us and decide to share them with us.

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