Blue Light Champions toolkit

We’ve put together a toolkit to support you on your journey as a Blue Light Champion. This toolkit is made up of a series of documents:

  • The role description
  • Things to consider: looking after your own mental health, sharing your personal experience of mental health problems and ways you can get more involved
  • Activities guide: download this in full or in the following sections:
  1. Section one: Supporting colleagues
  2. Section two: Reaching out - organising meetings or events and creating peer networks
  3. Section three: Getting everyone involved - getting organisational buy-in
  4. Appendices - guidance on terms used in this toolkit and more
  5. Signposting templates - for signposting others to support
  6. Maintaining boundaries and managing conversations
  • Badges: let your team know that you're a Champion
  • Making better mental health happen: get inspired by your peers and how they've raised awareness of mental health support internally

You'll also find a whole section of Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs).

We hope you find all the information you are looking for here but if not please get in touch at [email protected]

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Blue Light Champion role description

A Blue Light Champion is an employee or volunteer in the emergency services, who takes action in the workplace to raise awareness of mental health problems and challenge mental health stigma. 

Download here

Things to consider

If you have personal experience of a mental health problem then you might be considering sharing your experiences with others as part of your Champion role. This document will help you consider what might be involved in doing this and if this is the right decision for you. It will also help you think about how you can look after your own mental health whilst performing your Champion role, and how your own organisation may be able to support you in your role.

Download here

Activity guide

Just signed up as a Blue Light Champion, or thinking about it? Our activity guide is for you! It’s full of creative ideas and practical steps to help you decide the best way to challenge mental health stigma and raise awareness of mental health problems and wellbeing.

We wanted to share the wealth of knowledge based on what we’ve learned works best but know it’s a lot of information, so you can either download the full activity guide or decide which headings interest you most from those listed below.

Do tell us how you get on with your activities – we’d love to hear, and we can share your tips with other Blue Light Champions too if you’d like. Email us at [email protected]

Download here

Section one: Supporting colleagues

Starting a conversation can be a powerful way to challenge mental health stigma and get people to think about their perceptions. For all of us, our mental health is just as important as our physical health. Talking helps us all recognise this and can dispel misconceptions about mental health problems and the people who experience them.

Download here.

I’ve also heard people talking about depression as though it’s just an excuse to get off work. Hearing that in your work environment doesn’t encourage people to be open about mental health - but talking about it helps me and others, and that’s what I’m pushing for now. Helen, police

Section two: Reaching out

Get guidance on organising meetings and events and creating a peer network.

Events and meetings are great opportunities to speak to people face to face, challenge myths about mental health, have discussions and answer questions. Events can take a variety of forms.

Download here.

Section three: Getting everyone involved

Find out how to gain support from your organisation, including senior management and your line manager.

Getting people engaged with the Blue Light Programme is about helping them see the need and value in promoting positive mental health and challenging stigma within the workplace. We have prepared some tips and guidance on how you can do this.

Download here.

Appendices and glossary

Find out what some of the terms used in this toolkit mean. You can also find out more about what the programme is looking to achieve overall and some of the key dates in the mental health calendar.

Download here.

Signposting to support

Use this template to add details of local or specialist sources of support for wellbeing and mental health. This will help you if you need to signpost colleagues to support.

Download the Word version here.

Download the editable PDF version here.

Maintaining boundaries and managing conversations

We have put together this document detailing some things you may want to think about when looking to set up clear boundaries, which could help to keep you and your colleagues safe.

Being clear about what you can and cannot offer as a Blue Light Champion will help you to enjoy the role and manage other people’s expectations.

Download here.

New badges – let your team know you’re a Blue Light Champion

Start using the Blue Light Champion badge, email signature and social media images now. There’s English and bilingual versions, featuring Welsh.

Blp Supporting Stamps3

Get your badge

Making better mental health happen

If you believe in better mental health there’s lots of ways you can help to change how we all think and act when it comes to wellbeing. Get inspired by what your peers are doing to raise awareness with their staff and volunteers; there might be an idea you can use in your service.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Got a question that hasn't been covered? Our FAQs might help.

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