Can a Blue Light representative attend our pledge signing?

Unfortunately the Blue Light Programme team is unable to attend pledge signings or organise speakers for pledge signing events. 

However we encourage you to contact your Local Mind Association to see if they are able to attend. Please bear in mind that Local Minds may or may not have capacity to attend your signing, and we flag this so as not to raise expectations.

However, either way they would love to hear from you and know that you are engaged with the Blue Light Programme. 

The following may seem obvious, but we ask that if you do choose to contact your local Mind please ensure you;

 -          approach your Local Mind as soon as possible with your signing date. The more notice you are able to give the more likely it is that a representative will be able to attend.

 -          are very clear about your expectations - for example would you like a local Mind representative to attend and network, or are you asking for them to give a presentation or say a few words? If the latter, how long would you like a representative to speak for and on what topic? Please give clear details of your speaker request in advance. 

-          give event details - how many people do you anticipate attending your signing? For example will it be taking place at an all staff meeting or a small gathering of senior managers? 

-          be clear on your timings and signing location. If attendance by your local Mind has been confirmed try to give this information well in advance. 

Having an external speaker from Mind or another organisation can be a useful addition to your pledge signing. However we find that having participation and showing the commitment from your senior team can make the most impact and can be more meaningful for your staff and volunteers.

We also have a suite of collateral you can use to provide context to your signing occasion. This includes the Blue Light Programme filmed pieces, template press release including statements by Mind CEO Paul Farmer, email banners and ‘We’re supporting’ logo, posters, cards and other materials.

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