Supporting the Blue Light Programme

We really appreciate all of the amazing support the Blue Light Programme receives from 999 services, Champions and 999 associations.

We often get asked how you can show you’re supporting the programme. Here’s some useful information below. If you’ve got any questions please drop us a line.

Our supporter logos and badges

Developing your own posters, leaflets, website or social media account can help to promote better mental health locally and is a great way to engage with your team.

Our ‘supporting’ logos are available for Champions, 999 services and 999 associations only to use on materials and communications to show that you’re supporting Mind’s Blue Light Programme. There are also digital badges for registered Blue Light Champions to use.

If you’re fundraising for Mind we also have a ‘We’re supporting Mind’ logo available if you contact us.

Can I use Mind’s logo or the siren illustration on their own?

We get lots of requests to use our logo and illustrations every week from supporters who want to use them to promote their event, activity or product.

Unfortunately, as a charity, we're a small team and we don't have the capacity to look into each and every request to use our logo. We also have a responsibility to treat everyone equally and consistently - it would be unfair to look into some requests over others.

Seeing our logo and illustrations on their own on materials that we’ve not created can cause confusion and lead to complaints.

For these reasons we decline all requests to use our main logo and illustrations and offer our supporters our ‘supporting’ logos or digital Champion badges instead.

How else can I show I’m supporting the Blue Light Programme?

As well as using our ‘supporting’ logos or digital Champion badges you can also use our email signatures, leaflets, posters, badges and other resources ready-made for you to download and use to help raise awareness of the programme.

How can I make my own materials?

If you want to make your own materials, why not use your own service’s branding or develop your own local campaign around mental health. You can still use our ‘supporting’ logos for these. It might be worth talking to your service communications team to see what they can help you with.

If you want to customise existing mental health awareness materials with your service logo then our friends at Time to Change have a brand platform available. You can customise and download their posters and other materials.

How do I describe the Blue Light Programme in my materials?

If you’re creating your own materials please follow our tips:

  1. Say that ‘We/I support the Blue Light Programme as a service/Champion/associations’ for [add the name of your service or association here]. 
  2. Use one of our ‘supporting’ badges.
  3. Include a link to our website and the details of our confidential Infoline for advice or signposting to support.
  4. Let people know that the Samaritans are there to listen to anyone who needs urgent help 24/7 on 116 123 (UK). 
  5. Use your service name, a title relating to mental health or the name of your local mental health campaign as part of your headline in communications. For example, if you’re running a lunchtime event for staff you might want the title to be ‘Looking after your mental health – [add your service or association name] lunch and learn’ Or if you're setting up your own social media account you might want to call it 'Service or local area name Blue Light Champions.
  6. Make sure you look after yourself – avoid saying you’re a mental health expert (unless you have a particular mental health qualification, of course) and don’t give the impression you work for Mind or the Blue Light Programme. We know from experience that these things can lead people to think they will receive expect professional support or advice on mental health from you. This can put you in a difficult position and may prevent someone from getting the professional help that they need as soon as they need it. 
  7. Have fun and be creative – why not see what other emergency services are doing? You might find our guidance on internal communications useful to get you started.

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