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Access some of our leaflets, posters and other materials here as PDFs or Word documents. They're ready for you to download and use to help promote better mental health in your organisation.

Posters, top-tip cards and pledges

Our top tips cards, posters and personal pledges can help you to promote better mental health where you work. Display the posters around your organisation and give a top-tips card to every member of your team.

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Blue Light Programme leaflet: Keep your staff well for work

There can be lots of benefits to both individuals and organisations in receiving support with their mental health.

If you're involved in looking after the wellbeing of staff in your organisation or team, then this leaflet is for you. It explains about the support, training, information and resources we offer to organisations that employ, work with or support members of the emergency services.

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Managing mental health in the emergency services

Our course is for anyone in the emergency services who has a line manager, team leader or pastoral role. It’s tailored to the unique environments that the emergency services operate in and we can provide a version for ambulance, fire, police or search and rescue services.

Download our leaflet to find out more.

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LGBTQ+ leaflet: challenging stigma and staying well

This leaflet is to support sexual and gender identity in the emergency services for staff, colleagues and employers.

Although anybody can experience mental health problems, people who are lesbian, gay, bisexual, trans, queer or any other nonconforming gender identities, sexual orientations or expressions (LGBTQ+) are significantly more likely to than those who don’t. Being LGBTQ+ doesn’t cause mental health problems. But the stigma that exists, including at work, means LGBTQ+ colleagues often experience bullying and rejection because of their sexual orientation or gender identity, which can lead to anxiety, isolation and depression.

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Blue Light Infoline

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