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Supporting mental health as an employee or volunteer

Between 2015 - 2019 we recruited hundreds of Blue Light Champions. These Champions received training and support to empower them to fight for mental health in their services.

We’re not recruiting Champions anymore – but that doesn’t mean you can’t become one. If you consider yourself a champion, you are one. There’s no minimum time commitment and you don’t need personal experience of mental health problems.

Anyone who’s trying to improve mental health within their service is a champion. Whether you:

  • Have a formal role, like Mental Health Champion or Wellbeing Champion
  • Have completed specific training, like Mental Health First Aider or TRiM Practitioner training
  • Are trying to promote better mental health in your service - not necessarily as part of a network - but simply because you care

If you’re not sure about whether you can take on the role of champion, remember, there are lots of ways you can fight for mental health in your workplace. These can be big or small, and every action makes a difference. You could:

  • Raise awareness of mental health issues
  • Improve attitudes and reduce discrimination towards people with mental health problems
  • Help your colleagues access support for their mental health
  • Encourage your organisation to support the mental health of its people

Take a look at our resources to help you support your colleagues.

Getting started

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Image credit: City of London Police

The benefits of speaking up about mental health: Darren's story

Mental health champion Darren talks about how he shares his personal experiences of PTSD and depression to give others the confidence to talk about their mental health.

Resources to help you support your colleagues

We have plenty of resources to help you support your colleagues and fight for mental health in the emergency services.


Get the conversation about mental health going in your workplace. We have a selection of posters that you can download and print out. Some of our posters are service-specific, while others are suitable for all the emergency services.

Posters for all emergency services:

Posters for members of the ambulance service:

Posters for members of the police service:

Posters for members of the fire service:

Posters for members of the search and rescue service:

Digital graphics

Let your colleagues, friends and family know that you’re championing mental health in the emergency services. Download these graphics and add them to your social media profiles.

Blue Light Champion guides

These guides were developed between 2015 to 2019 to help Blue Light Champions in their role. We’re not recruiting Blue Light Champions formally anymore, but you may still find inspiration and ideas in these guides.

Champion workshop

We've developed a workshop to support champions to talk about their own mental health, identify ways to support themselves and hear from other champions who have shared their experiences. The workshop is designed to be delivered to champions, and led by either a fellow champion or facilitator. 

Download the materials:

Peer support resources

Our research shows that emergency services staff and volunteers really value peer support in managing their mental health. If you’re a peer supporter, you might find these resources helpful. These were also published between 2015 to 2019.

Other ways to get involved

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